Racerback Hoodie — Color-block Hack Tutorial

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to color-block the racerback hoodie! It’s super simple and easy and adds a fun element to this pattern!

Start by measuring about 1" down from the armpit (this is the length I like on the 12/18 month size. You can do a tad more or less depending on what size you’re sewing!). Draw a line across the pattern and make a fold.

Starting with the bottom pieces, cut out the rectangle adding 1/4" at the top for seam allowance! It should look like the picture on the right.

For the top, start by cutting out the neck, shoulder and arm. Continue cutting until about 1/4" below your fold line. Then fold the bottom part up and cut straight across, again making sure you have an extra 1/4" for seam allowance. Repeat with the other top piece!

Lay the right sides together and sew straight across! Now you have two body pieces and you’re ready to assemble the pattern! Refer to the pattern instructions for full assembly :) If you don’t already have the pattern you can find it HERE!

If you try it out please post it on the facebook group! I would love to see the combos you come up with!!